Bacon Wrapped Cheesy Stuffed Jalapeños

 Um… you guys…. This is not the time to be babies. Do not hide  in your cupboards of bland and over-salted. Do not mosey in your over- breaded and under-flavored frozen food aisle. 


I’ve been holding back. I’ve been sharpening skills and expanding tastebuds over the past 2 years and I haven’t shared a thing. Apologies.

This will make up for it. Double the batch and eat it for EVERY MEAL because you’re an adult and nobody’s the boss of you. 

Recipe cred goes to:

I’ll break it down. 

400 degrees

Half,  gut and set aside peppers. (recipe calls for jalapeños… Being a rebel, I threw in some yellow, orange and red peppers for varying levels of heat love).

Throw this in a bowl and mix: Cream cheese (8oz), Extra sharp cheddar (1 cup shredded), Garlic (1 teaspoon), Paprika (1/2 teaspoon), Salt to taste 

Now give those peppers what they deserve.

… show some real love and wrap those hot mommas in a half slice of bacon and stick a pick in it. 

25-28 minutes (varies) in the oven. Broil the last minute or until they look like rockstars 

And then send me a thank you note. Because sharing is caring. And I clearly care about you. Pass it on! 

Additional options: 

  • Switch up your cheeses … ricotta, pepper-jack, you name it! 
  • Save the seeds and mix with the filling to bring real heat 
  • Just eat the filling as a dip because duh.. 
  • vegetarian ? Replace bacon with pine nuts 

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