From Crazy to Crockpot

✋Raise your hand if you’ve fantasized about hiring a live-in chef.
✋If every time you step into the kitchen you release a big sigh of dread.
✋If you secretly wish you had Mary Poppins’ power of the snap.

These illusions of grandeur have grown exponentially for me in the last few weeks. School, work, and everything in between has left me extra thankful for the trusty crockpot!

Seriously, this is the best kitchen appliance since the knife.

As long as I can plan ahead by 8 hours I’m virtually home free come 5pm.
Its a bonus that most crockpot recipes are stupid easy.

Here are a few I’ve been messing with lately. Of course, I gravitated to these because of the 5 ingredient heaven they boast, but you could complicate the heck out of them if you are ambitious enough.
Not me. I’ve the energy of a sloth so I’m sticking to her recipes for the most part.

3 Crockpot Meals, 5 Ingredients, Maximum Taste!

I worked the Whole30 pulled pork/onion recipe except I added chopped pineapple half way through cooking.
It was so very edible I’m using the leftover pork for fajitas later this week!

Sorry, had some ‘photography issues’ so no pics of the meal, but I suspect you can use your imagination this once. 😋
I paired this with my favorite fall vegetable mashed sweet potatoes & a spinach salad.

📌Be sure to lay the meat fat side up to keep it moist as it cooks.
📌As always, don’t add the BBQ sauce to the crockpot until you are ready to serve.
📌Another option (one I use often) is line up your BBQ sauce repertoire and let the carnivores choose for themselves.

Ok… I want to give a shout out to one of my sweet Spanish sisters, Elena, who sent me this adorable apron! Back in the day you would have found the two of us bonding poolside, soaking up the desert sun, and getting into trouble. I have sweet memories of some crazy times during her exchange year that I will never forget or reveal! Ha! ❤ Love this girl & this apron! Thank you Elena! Now come and eat at my table! Xoxoxo



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