You Only Live Once So Eat Your Leftovers!

School finally started here.
Not a fan.
I like vacation mode. Even if its filled with soccer and golf, and more soccer. It has late mornings. It has all-day pj days. It has eat what you want all-day days.


You want to eat otter pops all day? Sure!
You want to watch every Power Ranger episode ever made in one sitting? Here’s the remote!

Yeah. That’s how this house runs in the summer. It’s awesome. And I love it.

I don’t hear one complaint about getting up early (because we don’t) for 3 months. It’s awesome.

I don’t nag about homework, going to bed, or making lunches for 3 months. It’s awesome.

We wear bathing suits and sundresses, well some of us, for 3 months straight. That’s awesome.

We play. A lot.
We sleep. A lot.
We practice slothin’. A lot.
We dance & sing at the drop of a hat.
A lot.
We do things we love. A lot.
We laugh. A lot.
Right now, we quote this. A lot.

You Oughta Look Out!
And Cook your meat ’til it’s done! Hahaha!


We eat leftovers, too. This is the last of our summer leftovers. A really delicious pork loin that the hubby seasoned with a mix I stumbled upon at our local farmers market last weekend.
It was a hit, so I had to find clever ways to use it up right!
I thought this recipe was perfect for the night before a tournament kind of schedule. Easy prep, easy ingredients & 15 minutes from fridge to table.

*The pictures probably would have turned out better had we stopped singing. Seriously. Lol!

I changed it up to suit my taste.
A strong cheddar (goes better with apple)
Fresh parmesan. This is important. Don’t buy the crummy kind in the jar. I know, I’ve bought it myself. But if you do the math, the fresh stuff is just about the same price & fresher. Cheese needs to taste like cheese people.

I’m not gonna fluff this. Its not a ground breaking recipe, but its easy &
doesn’t completely suck.
It did still need something more… Maybe an organic tomato (a veg in which organic is noticeable in the flavor for sure!)
Or maybe an aioli sauce to dip….???

Overall, it’s a decent meal, served any time of day, for all.

I give it 🌟🌟🌟’s out of 5.


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  1. Bea says:

    Bran, I love your blog!!

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