No Good recipe begins with radishes.

That’s what he said when I mentioned a “great recipe for radishes that I found on Pinterest.”

Secretly I agreed with him. But…I took that as a challenge.

I’m the biggest sucker for a challenge!

Even the virtually-impossible to win kind.

Who eats this veg regularly? Rabbits? Or other animals that haven’t discovered salt?
It was going to be hard to convince me these guys were worth the spot on the bi-weekly grocery list.

The radish, in my mind, is simultaneously bitter, bland and dirty.
(How is that even possible?! )

To be even more clear…

Before this challenge I thought very little of radishes.
Not on my friends list. Hardly even an acquaintance.

Before this challenge, I could go my whole life without this little red root.
And….I still can.

Ok, maybe there is a recipe loaded with sugar and cinnamon and butter that make these edible.
But I want recipes that celebrate the true flavor of food, not mask it for sheer consumption. We should enjoy our food for its true self!

It’s a simple recipe. (Which was a selling point)


Thinly sliced, oiled & seasoned, pop it into the oven @375 for 20 minutes.


They were supposed to come out ‘crispy and yummy with a bite to it.’
They had a bite alright….
Seasoned, bitter & dirty flavor!

20130903-011235.jpg (even the photo was terrible!)

Full disclosure: they cooked a bit unevenly but the ones that were fully cooked were still not great.

I scrapped the whole bunch and created a new veggie dish at the last minute for dinner.

‘Tis painful to admit, but the hubby wins this round. I have been defeated in this recipe challenge.

He was right.
No good recipes begin with radishes.

If you are strong enough to fight round 2, and you win, feel free to share your victory in the comments.
There’s got to be some way to enjoy these suckers!

Here’s the link:


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cut them into fancy shapes (flowers, etc.) then drown them in a really good Ranch dressing. You’ll be so distracted by the cute shape or design and the taste of the yummy dressing that you won’t (really) notice the bleck taste of the radish!

  2. purplek828 says:

    that “Anonymous” reply was me 🙂

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