I can’t tell if its killing me or its making me stronger.

There are defining moments in life where everything you thought you knew is turned inside out, dissected and exposed for the truth it is. This isn’t a revelation to most. In fact, if you’ve experienced heartache, in any form, you’ve most likely had a defining moment. I’ve had a whole week of defining!

(Hence, the 2 critiques I have sitting in the draft box waiting to be published)

Background: Still not given a final diagnoses, my 16 yr old has suffered from gastrointestinal issues, undergone long, arduous tests and spent the last 6 days horizontal in real pain. Food is clearly not cooperating with her. Or maybe it’s an organ not behaving. I don’t know.

I have discovered one thing.

I have stepped into a library of options that has, frankly speaking, taken my love for food and TOTALLY JACKED IT!!!

There are many great, well-meaning dietary directions one can choose, but the only thing I’ve gleaned from my research is to be afraid to walk the grocery aisles in fear the produce, so filled with GMOs and toxins, will walk off its platforms in striking resemblance to the Killer Tomato films of my youth! (Am I the only one who had an irrational fear of garbage disposals & tomatoes after that movie?) All packaged foods are filled with poison. That no food on the market gives you the intended nutrients it did back in the 70’s, and short of hiking the alps with your water sac, you can’t trust any water. Anywhere.

What in the name of chocolate is going in here?! When did food become so complicated and scary?!

Some things are stupid-easy changes that I have secretly been wanting to change but holy crap people.

What can we eat?!

I have seriously lost my appetite for almost everything reading all this stuff!
This is HUGE!!
We just might starve because I’m a terrible gardner.
And, I don’t have chickens, goats, pigs (mmmm bacon….ok maybe I still ❤bacon) cows, or any other farm-raised, free-ranged, corn-fed, sleeping on Serta mattresses kind of animal.
I don’t even have a goldfish! (I hear they aren’t that tasty anyway)
And now grains are said to ‘do nothing’ for you.
I can’t take much more.
Soon I’ll be living off of coffee, chocolate & wine alone.
Hey wait….. I might be onto something…..

But I digress. I don’t pretend to know what is the perfect food lifestyle for you, yours, or mine! I just know I want to keep loving food. In whatever method keeps my family from growing third eyes and webbed toes.

Lets keep experimenting. Lets push our comfort limits, exercise our knowledge and use discernment if the goldfish becomes an option. Maybe we’ll get a superpower out this yet!


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  1. Love your posts! It *is* overwhelming!!! I’m just trying to learn and do my best too…but gosh darn it, there’s a lot of nastiness out there compared to the goodness. Kinda reminds me of sin. Just a little. =)

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