A Brussels BOMB!


Don’t let the picture fool you.
They weren’t that great.
I mean, who truly salivates over brussels sprouts anyway?! Aren’t they used as punishment for fowl-mouthed adolescent behavior?
Weren’t we forced to eat them at Grandma’s house on Easter?
Let’s be honest folks, these things have seen the inside of the napkin and the floor under the table more than our mouths! In the interest of full disclosure, I admit I was hoping for a full house conversion for these cabbage cousins. After all, they weren’t cooked in water (something that makes the strong flavors even stronger) & my guinea pigs (aka anyone who sits at my table) have been pretty open thus far.
They looked good, smelled good (well, for Brussels sprouts anyway) and they were easy to prepare, but they just didn’t deliver.
Not with this recipe anyway.

Here’s the link to the recipe to avoid:

Here are the visuals
The cast-
coconut oil
garlic salt
salt & pepper


Cleaned, coated & ready to go


Tin foil envelopes


Grill & flip, Flip & grill


They weren’t entirely terrible, just not delicious. They lacked something… The secondary flavor held a hint of edamame – which I love. But it didn’t hold & it’s an easily forgotten dish.

Here’s a link to the recipe I suggest you try instead!
🌟It’s overall a better recipe & technique.

What a great example of how just a few minor changes can make all the difference. These turned out delicious! Now go get your grill on while you still can!


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