Lovely Ones!

This is what most ‘blog nights’ look like. Tonight is not about a recipe, but instead about food and you.
Bright and early tomorrow morning I will be boarding a plane and heading to Nebraska for the next few days (my real job calls). So as I sit here ready to update all of you on the new additions coming, I can’t help but be grateful. Grateful for God’s graces in my life, grateful for the family He’s blessed me with and grateful for the deeply dear, close, genuine, honest, amazingly great friends I have. Ones from every road I’ve taken throughout my life. The awkward jr high/ high school days when we thought we were so cool but were really just learning about love and loss and music (yes, we are now cool). To the unleashed young adult days we will never tell our children about. To the days of weddings, babies and sleepless nights followed by 6am bible studies in our pjs (what were we thinking?!). To the poolside bbqs, and ridiculous belly laughs on a Tuesday night. To the present-where not one reader of this blog is in the same town I’m currently in. I suppose this is the point I say how thankful I am for technology. Text, phone, FaceTime, email, social media. So many ways to keep in touch. To FEEL like we are in the same town. Until I step into my kitchen. It’s bittersweet. I want to cook for so many of you. I want to see the silent look of delicious on your face. I want to serve you seconds. I want to have conversations about your favorite foods or the must go-to restaurant and more. But I can’t. So, for however great technology has been to me, it cannot put you in my kitchen or I in yours. It’s just a tease. However, my thoughts of you aren’t – even in Nebraska. As I hit the air to a place I’ve never been, to meet new people, and hopefully eat great food, I will be thinking of what a sweet deal it would be if I had a kitchen to meet you in, to chat with you, to pray with you, to laugh with you, to love on you. To enjoy my lovely ones.

Here’s a great link to help in those moments of not-so-greatness …


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  1. Amber says:

    I love and miss you! I can hear your voice in your writings and it makes me happy!

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