Meatloaf muffins with mashed potato topping

I must confess, I was in no mood to cook last night. Coming off a long, busy weekend all I wanted to do was veg and turn my brain to the off position. However, that’s hardly an option in this girls head! Many mouths to feed…and…I’m cheap. Seriously. If I have the ingredients at home, I’m not buying it already made. There are always exceptions, but not last night.
Meatloaf was on the menu.

I wanted, even in the midst of a foggy brain, to change it up a bit. The creative side of my brain was all about this- the rational side, knowing full well how much brian power I was lacking, not so much.
But I fought through it! I forced the rational one to take the backseat so I could make something kid #4 (who happens to be 4 yrs old) would eat in its entirety. I know, there’s that foggy brain thinking again.. But hey, a mom can dream.

So here’s the recipe I used….
Meatloaf Cupcakes
(Mashed potato recipe included)

Chris, a friend from way back, who is in the culinary world now, gave me a few tips to kick it up a notch. He said put a raw egg yolk in the middle of the ‘muffin’. (I only did this to mine, as I wasn’t sure how the rest of the clan would take to it) It was delicious!

Kid #2 did the mixing- Do you remember helping your mom in the kitchen on meatloaf night? One of the few memories I have with my mom in the kitchen. Precious stuff.


Anyway… Here’s the meatloaf topped with BBQ sauce instead of ketchup (I’m not a fan of ketchup on meatloaf- but obviously, your meatloaf and what you put on it is your business.)

I followed the recipe and felt it lacked any kick of real flavor. Everything seemed mild and decent, but nothing amazing. Meatloaf, like all food, is always in the taste buds of the
taster. This taster wasn’t overly impressed. On a good note- the 4 & 9 yr olds loved it.

Portion control was a no brainer, too!

Convenience scale- easy for a meatloaf.
$ scale- lets face it, who doesn’t have ground beef & potatoes on their grocery list?!
Taste scale- lovely for the kids, but not mouth watering for this woman.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Amber says:

    Hmm.. I like the idea of the single servings, they were cute too. It just needs some BAM??

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