Second helpings on Asparagus?!

Ah… Yeah! Every kid asked for seconds!

I wasn’t kidding.

Before we get started, here’s the link.

Ok. I’ve been waiting for the price of Asparagus to go down for 3 weeks just to make these! I’m not kidding. $4.99 a bundle is stupid. I’m not that hard up for asparagus! Anyway, they dropped enough to seem worth it so I jumped on it.
I need to stop here. This pin had 54 re-pins in 24 hours. The biggest re-pin yet. I was hoping it would be a hit but I had my doubts. It’s asparagus after all. I love asparagus- if cooked correctly. However, it’s an easy veggie to bomb. In both flavor and texture. This is yet another WIN!
It’s been a long day on the soccer fields and I was so glad this recipe had all of 4 steps. Prep asparagus, wrap in bacon, slightly boil ingredients, drizzle on top & put it in the oven! Here are some pics of the steps…






I found the balance of sweet and savory
spot on with this one. I could easily taste asparagus along side bacon. Neither one overpowering the other.
Guys. Really. I know I’m über positive about most of the food on here but when has bacon not made something better?! Even the kid who doesn’t eat most veggies had seconds! So if you’re serving ones that love their asparagus you might want to double the recipe. I know I will next time!

Convenience scale- super easy.
$ Scale – I found Asparagus @ $3.29 a bundle, all other ingredients were in my pantry.
Yum scale- 3 Yums!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amber says:

    Love asparagus, love bacon, love soy and brown sugar together!! Can’t wait for asparagus here to drop in price!! Thanks Bran 🙂

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