If I cherish you, I will sometime in my life, make this for you

Ok- I might even make it for those I don’t cherish so much, just to rub it in. Ha! The Blender French Toast with Coconut Syrup is that ridiculous. It had 21 re-pins in less than 12 hours of putting it on my food board! Hence why I felt it needed to be made!

Here’s the link

And my latest adventure in my real kitchen..
After countless trips to the grocery store, I’m resigned to the fact that I will always forget something and today was no exception. ‘No need to make this a big deal- just get back in the car Brandie.’ Truly folks, this is crazy common for me. Besides, you never know what adventure or friend you might run into! Today, it was a car show on the street in front of the store. I must admit, it was hard not to kick this dinner to the curb and enjoy my comfort zone of cars, but I’m SOOOO glad I made this!!!!

Here’s how it went for me…

All my ingredients & of course, my trusty egg crack-er helper/occasional superhero. (Always a good idea to have a super hero around!)


After all, except the bread, we’re gathered in a bowl, I blended as directed and poured into a shallow more ‘dipp-able’ dish.

Sliced the bread…


Tip Time

Always make sure your pan is heated to the proper temperature (in this case 325 degrees) before you place the food in it.

If you get distracted like I do in the kitchen, I would strongly suggest making the syrup before you begin to cook the french toast. I got half way through the FT and realized I was missing baking soda for the syrup. (!!!) So I stopped to look up the substitution values of baking powder for baking soda (use 2-3 times baking powder than baking soda FYI) and burnt my first slices in the pan (!!!!). Thankfully, Kate (our former exchange & sous chef for the evening) stepped in and flipped toast while I made the syrup.
*I considered not including this, but that would be unreal and we’re all about REAL here people!

Here’s my adjusted ingredients for the amazing syrup…


My pictures aren’t the best, but no picture could show you just how delicious this is.
Once you make this recipe you will never make another French toast again.
*In my humble opinion.
Seriously people, why make food that’s ho-hum?!
Make amazingly yummy food every chance you get!


I get great joy bringing happiness to the mouths of those I feed and this dish delivered!

Only thing I might add next time is some fresh berries to the plate.


Convenience scale- a few new additions to your pantry and you’ll be set.
Easy if you follow directions well.
A bit more focus needed for those of us that don’t double check our pantries before we begin.
$ scale- Fresh French bread is generally pretty cheap- I found mine for $.98 a loaf so I stocked up and put a few in the freezer. Coconut extract is about $2-3.
Yummy scale- YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM!!!!!


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