I searched high and lo, but to no avail. I found no pork rib slow cooker recipe on Pinterest that didn’t end in pictures of burnt BBQ sauce. Gross.
Let me back up… My oven needed to be cleaned. A 4-hour process that I have nothing to do with but to slide the door to lock and put the dial on CLEAN. I love modern housework, don’t you?! Anyway, we also had soccer practice tonight. This takes up most of the evening. Which ultimately means no grilling tonight. So that leaves the slow cooker.
Before I give you the recipe that you must try, let me give you some tips I learned from Alton Brown. I eat up his tips like a bag of chips at snack time!
**Never put BBQ sauce in the slow cooker with your raw meat!*** It will cook, and then over cook, before your meat is done. And your sauce doesn’t need cooking in the first place! Find a recipe that calls for another liquid (apple juice, etc) to be added while the meat cooks, and the BBQ sauce to be added at the end to heat before serving. This is a game changer if your slow cooker pork ribs have fallen short in the past.
Onto the reviews!
On the convenience scale – stupid easy.
On the $ scale- normal pantry ingredients + pork ribs on sale= stupid cheap.
On the yummy scale- I’d be stupid to lose this recipe.
After not finding anything on Pinterest, I found this from a simple Google search. Google=❤.



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