Mommy, I had a dream about those muffins!

It was a sign. This needed to be the first recipe.
Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins.
AKA ‘Lucky If You Get One Before the Kids Eat Them All’
It’s my go-to for busy mornings spent in the car on the way to soccer games or early school days. I make them the night before & hide them from the kids until morning. My daughters team devoured 3 batches in 5 minutes. And they’re a bunch of moody 13 year olds! I’m telling you, if you like pumpkin, chocolate chips and 3 step recipes you’ll dig this.

My 15 year old dreamer needed them in chocolate so we substituted a devils food cake mix for the yellow. As you can see from the picture, she added thief to her resume before I could get a shot of the full pan!




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  1. jillswarren says:

    You can also use a sugar free cake mix and it is even less calories and more weight watcher friendly!

    1. Yes! Or get gluten free ingredients. There are so many variations one could do. It’s super flexible.

  2. Okay, you piqued my interest, I’m going to have to try these because I love nothing more than pumpkin anything! Following to see what you make next my Naturally lovely friend.

    1. Jennifer! So glad you’re here! I know you’re a great baker so feel free at anytime to drop some great hints for us average kitchen folks! I forgot to mention that I added half a bag of chocolate chips to the final mix. I haven’t tried it, but I bet pecans or similar nut would be delicious , too.

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