If you know me…

You know I ask a lot of questions. I want to know everything! I’m curious about it all. I want to pick every brain I can get my hands on, about every topic I can think of! And, I will remember almost none of it!! (Ha!) I will ask the same question 4 times before I retain it. Those that love me tolerate it. {I’ve been overly blessed with tolerant loved ones} Maybe that’s why I adore the written word so much. It’s in writing and I can refer back!
So followers unite and answer this one question…. & I promise to refer back!

What’s your favorite meal of the day?
{Sorry, cocktail hour doesn’t count. Although, I do plan on adding some great pairings down the road.}

Is Breakfast a must?
Is Lunch non-negotiable?
Or is Dinner the gotta have meal of the day?
The one with the most votes gets the first recipe post. Give me some feedback- I want to start cooking!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Rebekah says:

    I have the same thing for breakfast every day: honey nut cheerios.
    I hate lunch – never can find anything I want to eat.
    Dinner is my gotta have meal of the day! I want something with meat…and now that I am cooking at our home, I want it to be easy to make too!

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